Diana Ganem

She’s the founder of “Nightswim”, a sustainable leisurewear brand based in Los Angeles and Costa Rica that is dedicated to the rights of consumers, workers, and the environment.

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The climate solution may be as simple as changing the way we eat

There can be no doubt that, along with the obvious culprits of industry and transportation, the way we eat is one of the major driving forces behind the sweeping and catastrophic shift in climate for our species is responsible. Perhaps, then, a change in these culinary habits might go a long way in aiding any hope we have of preventing further harm. By David Lewis The ripple effects of climate change are being felt across the planet.  We see the symptoms of an ever warming world almost every day, as the warning signs of shifting weather patterns surround us. In recent …

The climate solution may be as simple as changing the way we eat Read »

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Covid-19 Is Furthering Educational Inequity

The Covid-19 pandemic forced education online, but failed to bring students from low-income families online at the same rate as those from more affluent areas.

How to Save Energy in the Kitchen

One of the ways you can practice sustainability is by monitoring the energy you use at home, starting with your kitchen. Here are 3 ways you can do just that.

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5 Smart Tips For An Energy-Efficient Garden

The integration of energy-efficiency into garden work not only benefits the environment, it can also enhance the yield of fruit and vegetable crops.

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