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5 Covid-19 Lessons for Effective Climate Change Response

We can’t put climate change on hold while we deal with a pandemic. But we can listen to Covid-19’s message and take climate action before it gets worse.

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On John Houghton

John Houghton was born to strict Baptist parents in Dyserth North Wales and grew up in Rhyl, where his love for the sea and mountains began.

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Water, Air and Land Nexus: A Safe Space for Preserving Climate and Achieving Food Security

Water, Air and Land (WAL) Nexus: A Safe Space for Preserving Climate and Achieving Food…

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Tug of War: The Impact of Climate Change on Economic Development

Combating the climate crisis requires a global effort, but governments of poorer nations must also consider economic development, and the needs of their struggling populations.

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The Aftermath of Greenhouse Gases

Albeit some very powerful figures encourage denial, we have to stop ignoring the damage caused by greenhouse gases and start acting towards stopping climate change.

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Flood City Fights Climate Change with Infrastructure and Social Media

Journalists have crowned Miami, FL, Ground Zero, for the effects of Climate Change. As a result, this Southern flood city has become the spotlighted posterchild of flood prediction and prevention innovations.

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Children are taking climate fight to the streets

The air pollution crisis in Delhi has been another trigger for schoolchildren to stage public protests to demand immediate action on environment and climate change

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Cities need to act on climate adaptation now

Cities across the world are coming up with action plans to adapt to climate change, but much more work is needed.

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Mekong coffee growers struggle with drought and heating climate

An Investigation: Drought, climate change, and intensive farming techniques are hurting coffee growers in the Mekong region.

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Warm ice in Mount Everest’s glaciers makes them more sensitive to climate change – new research

When the topic of glaciers and climate change is discussed, the focus is on Greenland and Antarctica. But there are glaciers elsewhere too…

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China dashes hopes of raising its climate ambition at UN climate summit

China decided against raising its climate ambition at the UN climate action summit in New York; instead, it did leant on nature-based solutions.

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Changing Tack

A storm of our own design bears down upon us.
Now, the time has more than come for us to ask, not what the world can do for us, but what we can do for the world.

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Climate Change is Boosting Global Inequality

Climate change and anthropogenic warming have devastated the economies of warmer, poorer countries; while financially boosting colder, wealthier countries.

A Teenager’s Call to Enviromental Action

This Earth is our home, it gives us shelter, food, and nurtures us; yet we continue to destroy this planet day after day. This is not right.

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Climate Change: Where Are We Now?

As the clock continues ticking toward the collective future of the human species on planet Earth, there are still some among us who are either skeptics or out-right deniers of climate change.

Addressing Climate Change: The Benefits of Acting Now, Rather than Later

Climate change is essentially irreversible on human timescales; whatever changes are induced by our emission of CO2 into the atmosphere will persist for centuries, if not millenia.

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An Open Letter to the U.S. Government

Climate Policy: It may turn out to be too little, too late, or it may buy us the time we need to switch over to net zero emissions economies in time to spare the world exceptionally catastrophic climate change.